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Informa Website

A bespoke digital platform for Informa, meticulously custom-coded using Next.js and enhanced with Framer Motion. This website stands as a testament to cutting-edge development, seamlessly blending functionality with fluid, motion-driven interactivity. It's a showcase of technical proficiency and creative design, tailored to meet Informa's unique digital needs

Informa Fitness Portal

The Informa Fitness Portal is a groundbreaking fitness and nutrition platform, engineered with a custom algorithm to offer personalized health programs. Developed using a robust stack including React.js, Django, Django REST framework, and Framer Motion, it combines a mobile-friendly interface with a suite of features. Backed by PostgreSQL and AWS for reliability and scalability, this portal redefines user-centric health and fitness solutions.

Coach Sama Website

The Coach Sama Website exemplifies modern, minimalistic design, captivating users with its sleek and eye-catching interface. Integrating a Fawry payment gateway, this site is expertly crafted using Next.js, Django, and Django REST framework. It harmoniously blends Lottie animations into its design, enhancing user engagement. Powered by PostgreSQL, the website offers a seamless, animated, and user-friendly experience for visitors

Jackman App
Mobile App

The Jackman App is a dynamic solution connecting car dealers with owners, streamlining the process of booking various services. Designed as a cross-platform application with React Native, it ensures seamless usability across devices. Accompanied by a comprehensive dashboard built with React and Django, the app offers an intuitive, efficient interface for both dealers and car owners, revolutionizing the automotive service experience.


Instaglowing is a cutting-edge platform designed with Next.js and Django REST framework, catering to the growing needs of social media presence. It offers a unique service where users can enhance their online visibility by purchasing followers for their social media accounts. This platform combines ease-of-use with reliable functionality, making it an attractive solution for users seeking to boost their digital influence.

Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane is an innovatively designed website, conceptualized around the theme of dual sports lanes, reflected even in its unique split-screen design. Developed using Next.js and Django REST framework, it offers a dynamic user experience with real-time email push notifications. This site stands out for its creative layout, merging thematic design with advanced web technology to engage sports enthusiasts in a novel way.

Cairo Runners

The Cairo Runners website is a dedicated digital hub for Egypt's renowned running team. This site captures the spirit of the Cairo Runners community, offering an engaging online space for members and enthusiasts alike. It's designed to reflect the energy and passion of the team, serving as a central point for event updates, team information, and community interaction, all while celebrating the vibrant running culture in Egypt.

Cure Dental

Cure Dental is a sleek, user-friendly mobile app designed for a leading dental clinic in Egypt. Built with Ionic and FastAPI Python, it offers patients a convenient way to access dental services and information. The app integrates Firebase for efficient push notifications, enhancing patient engagement and communication. This digital solution streamlines the dental care experience, making appointments and information access seamless and straightforward for users.


H.E.C, an eCommerce website for the renowned Holland Egyptian Company, offers a specialized online shopping experience for pet food in Egypt. This platform is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of pet owners, providing a vast selection of quality pet food products. It combines user-friendly navigation with a secure and efficient shopping process, reflecting the company's commitment to both pet care and customer convenience. H.E.C stands as a digital cornerstone for pet nutrition and care in the region

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